Hey, I'm Rebecca! The designer and brand strategist behind the beautiful brands that we create here at Sugar Branded.

I know what it's like to have huge dreams for your business and to feel overwhelmed trying to manage it all. I started Sugar Branded when I was pregnant with my eldest son (who's now 4!) and I've managed to grow my brand from just an idea in my head to a full time income that works around my busy life as a mum of 2.

I LOVE that I help other women do the same using the power of design & brand strategy.

Rebecca Farley, CEO

Mum of 2 boys (under 4 yrs)
I'm a Leo
Love mornings
Massive foodie (esp. sushi!)
Business Management Graduate


Sugar Branded was founded in 2017, at the time there weren't many designers that specialised in female centric, luxury design styles and operating in this niche allowed us to grow and establish ourselves really quickly.

Since we began we've worked with 100's of high end brands across the world including London, Dubai, New York and Qatar.

We pride ourselves on going over and above for our clients, getting just as excited and invested in their dreams as they are and building those amazing relationships. We are inspired by each and every one of our clients and it's a privilege to be a part of their business journeys.

The Studio

Bristol Based, serving worldwide.
Established in 2017.
Built over 100 brands.
Minimalist & Luxury specialists.


I'm Rebecca, founder & designer at Sugar Branded - I'm 29 and a co-parenting Mum of 2 gorgeous boys so I know what it's like to have your hands full but still have that drive inside to follow your career goals.

I believe that owning a business teaches you so much about yourself, it's a huge personal challenge and I see so much personal growth within my clients when I get to understand their businesses and their own stories, it's truly amazing.

When I'm not working, I love to keep active - I go to yoga weekly and I really love walking in nature when I can. I'm also a huge foodie so I love going out to eat and also love cooking! My eldest is a really fussy eater though, I'm not sure how that happened!

Let's Get Personal

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a "business woman", when I was a child I would make pretend businesses and imagine brands for them. Alongside school I always had some sort of side hustle and I eventually graduated from university with a business management degree.

During my studies I worked as a colour coach at The Body Shop, at the time this meant that I was managing the make up segment of our store and would visit fashion shows and events as a representitive of the brand. I also worked as a model and got to meet so many amazing people.

While at university my dream was to work for a big cosmetics brand such as L'Oreal on the marketing or design team but instead, after graduation my path led me to work in recruitment and employer branding for brands such as Jaguar Land Rover.

Education & Career


After a few years I realised that a 9-5 was not for me, I wanted to feel really invested in the brands I was working for and be able to implement big ideas - so I left my marketing job and began working for myself.

Little did I know that this was the start of my dream job, essentially the role I had dreamed of at L'Oreal except I got to help women like myself, make their dreams a reality.

I loved working with Rebecca. I’m very indecisive and she helped me every step of the way - couldn’t recommend enough.


Beautiful Words
             from our clients


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